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In January 2010 by the Certificate SCA-09-22 ICSS S.A. is being appointed as an authorized AgustaWestland Service Center for the Helicopter series A109.

By making this choice AgustaWestland confirms once again the excellent infrastructure of ICSS S.A and the level of services provided which are in accordance with international regulations and standards.

AgustaWestland solidifies its position in the Greek Helicopter market by having its first authorized service center in Greece which is not only able to release technical and maintenance services but also has the ability to provide spare parts inventory for  AgustaWestland helicopters.

Given the fact that AgustaWestland is the second largest company in the world regarding helicopter manufacturing with a market share that exceeds 40%, this strategic alliance puts ICSS in the spotlight of future developments as far as the market of helicopter sales and helicopter maintenance is concerned.

Certificate SCA-09-22 


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